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Dyers Eve
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Lich King dead.
03/31/2010 02:17 AM by arcturis

Lich King Dead,

Group: Angusyung, Arcturis, Axius, Cadeus, Eriz, Lainie, Kalur, Leefy, Nitemare, and Tekzen.

Thanks everyone! Heroic starts next week.


New Dyers Eve Vent IP address
03/09/2010 08:08 PM by arcturis

The Ventrilo server IP address has changed. Please see the members only forum for the new IP address and port information.

I will update DNS for vent.dyerseve.org, but it will probably take a day or two to update.


On the move
10/31/2009 02:48 PM by Saphire

Hello everyone and welcome the Dyers Eve website

As most of you know we've been experiencing alot of success with content. I'd like to commend everyone for their hard work on putting Dyers Eve back into the forefront of progression content on the server. If you would like to see our progression list you can follow it on the progression thread on the Tanaris forums.


The future of Dyers Eve looks strong and I wish everyone good luck in our endevors. Continue to work hard on improving your gear, specs, personal skill levels, and there will be no limit to what we can accomplsih.


Weekend Update 8/17/08
08/17/2008 05:42 PM by arcturis

Last night's raid to Teron Gorefiend was an improvement over the previous attempts, but we're still not quite there. We had him down to 11%. It all comes down to the ghosts guys. If you can not do the ghost simulator reliably you need to practice it until you can. If that takes an hour or two, so be it, but we can't progress past this until people figure out how to beat the ghosts. I may put up my private server for people who are having problems to practice on. If you're interested in that, let me know.

Tonight: It looks like raid attendance of some key veterans/officers is going to be on the low side. It will be up to the raid leader tonight to decide if we're going to go back in after Gorefiend again, or if we're going to take the group to see Fathom Lord in order to get some BT attunement quests done. There is a list in the forum, so please review that. If you're in need of Fathom Lord, you should make an extra attempt to attend tonight because we will not be going after him all that often.



08/15/2008 02:20 PM by arcturis

We got the 4th timer in ZA last night. Congrats to everyone on the run, we absolutely smoked through the place. Riley, Nitewynd, Arcturis, Shadowfayt, Tarolaide, VersionB, Shockstitute, Sylar, Doosherton, and Sekz was the line up. Tarolaide won the bear.

Screenshot of us downing Halazii with 2+ minutes left:

Group photo:

The Proof:


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